Native Plant Sources

Using native plants is one of the best ways to increase the bird and pollinator count. Native plants have adapted naturally to the area and have a special relationship with birds and pollinators that are native to the area.

​If you know of other garden centers and nurseries that sell native plants and do not use neonickitides please contact us so we can include them.

​​Rutgers Gardens 

For more information and a list of some native plants in their

Pollinator Garden go to

​On-line Mid-Atlantic native plant store. 
They specialize in straight species, 
wildflowers and grasses.

​​Rutgers Landscape & Nursery 
(no affiliation with Rutgers Gardens
1051 US-202, Rings, NJ 08551

Wild Ridge Plants
Growers and stewards of native plants.

Toadshade Wildflower Farm
Providing native, perennial, and propagated wildflower plants

Prairie Moon Nursery

Seeds, plants, grasses & sedges, bare root plants, seed mixes,

and great information