Photos of on-going work at Water Street Park

In April 2017, volunteers from Clinton Presbyterian Church removed trash, leaves and branches from the park.

Arborist Lou Spanner with Deena Roberts, chair of Clinton Green Team and the Shade Tree Commission, Sarah Schamburg, and Jeff Schamburg, chair of the Environmental Commission met at Water Street Park to discuss and remove invasive species.


Boy Scout Zach Kovach, grandfather Paul Johnson, brother Hunter, friend Joe Furka, and fellow scouts  Ryan Apgar and Matt Mc Kown laid down black plastic and moved 110 bags of mulch while Denise Birmingham gave the sewer pipe a base coat of paint.

In late August CCG members Al Rylak, Liz Scannell, John Madden, Denise Birmingham, Norma Kania, Beth Sosidka, Deena Roberts, and Kathy Madden cleaned up fallen branches in preparation for Labor Day weekend planting. 

Work continued on the park with Scouts Boy Rush Ehrhart, Michael Patuto, Luke Kravetsky, Stephen Kravetsky, Ryan Bower, Zach Kovach, Matt Kravetsky, Rory Kinnaird, Lucas Bunger-Spiecha, Joe Furka, and Hunter Kovach and volunteers Kathy Madden, Clinton Conservancy Gardens trustee and co-chair,  members of Country Garden Club, Alexis Mercer and Maryann Aldana, and Deena Roberts, Green Team chair and CCG member. Denise finished her painting.